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BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 05:25 PM
That's right bitches, korkah haz website meow

Is forum much like AOT pero want to make it mash mash bigger. AOT should remain quiet unknown forum pero needs to be big cuz when I blow up you blow up

The site is run on the latest version of vBulletin using their cloud service. No hosting and all that shit by me.

Cao and Wan will be admins
Cez and NHB will be moderators...pretty much all of the regular AOT posters will be mods on

Need cao and wan to set up all the video site embedding and all that jazz. Also need imgur embedding.

Whatever ideas you guys have about the site just let me know.

I've already stolen lots of threads and smilies from here and put on KOURKE just to get things started :cheeky:

As the site grows we'll have our own unique topics

Thanks fags...Let's gooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Cez★ 09-27-2014 05:54 PM

another forum to keep up with? ughhh

BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 06:00 PM


mine mo betta than all teh rest

theholycow 09-27-2014 06:03 PM

:jester: Ok, I'll get in on this shit. Registered.

shootermcgavin003 09-27-2014 07:37 PM

this is just gonna be kourke pics :dickslinger:

BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 07:39 PM

took a nap

gettin on ou fools stuff nao

shootermcgavin003 09-27-2014 07:48 PM

i posted on there some reason i have to refresh after each post idk

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question kourke why we doing this?

stonehenge 09-27-2014 07:51 PM

Will get on dat also. Install Tapatalk if you haven't already :read:

Sent from my LG-D801

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Changed theme to blek because korkz

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BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 07:52 PM

cao admin nao

nhb mod

shootermcgavin003 09-27-2014 07:54 PM

im a mod......aint shit gonna get done.

theholycow 09-27-2014 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by nekkidhillbilly (Post 538583)
i posted on there some reason i have to refresh after each post idk

I haz a similar problem, when I submit a post my browser comes up asking me whether to save or open the file as if I had just asked to download something. Had it happen on one other vBulletin forum once but don't remember which one or what fixed it.


question kourke why we doing this?
He mentioned some reasons but I've got a great one: Shaggy has been kinda an absentee landlord lately, and we need a backup plan that's better than the IRC that none of us remember to use or even where it is.


Originally Posted by stonehenge (Post 538585)
Install Tapatalk if you haven't already :read:


Especially since my browser is being a bitch about it.

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Originally Posted by KOURKE (Post 538587)
cao admin nao

nhb mod


shootermcgavin003 09-27-2014 07:56 PM

gotcha so this is like our backup go to forum. we could use it for a money maker on top of just saying.

stonehenge 09-27-2014 07:59 PM

Dat generic email lol:

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Cez★ 09-27-2014 08:07 PM


BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 08:11 PM


theholycow 09-27-2014 08:13 PM


BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 08:13 PM

also, def want to turn KOURKE into a revenue generating site

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looking into tapatalk nao

Dubyagee 09-27-2014 08:53 PM

More tapatalk.

BillyJeanKing 09-27-2014 10:28 PM

Alright guys

cao and wan are working on a few things for me and the site will be getting a lot of changes in the next few days

Gotta change a lot of the default settings and shit like that. tapatlk coming soon is the next to blow

Video page
Full screen

stonehenge 09-27-2014 11:57 PM

Get me dat infos and I'll try to get Tapatalk setup later tonight.

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VmaxEngage 09-28-2014 04:10 AM



I'm in

BillyJeanKing 09-28-2014 04:11 AM


blake in

Chevrolet Fanatic 09-28-2014 04:59 AM

So does this mean cez and I need to launch a hentai forum?

BillyJeanKing 09-28-2014 05:00 AM

prolly cuz that shit is ghey and only for super nerds


stonehenge 09-28-2014 07:28 AM


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