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02-13-2009, 08:25 PM
I've been enjoying Pandora for a few days, after having not used it in a long time. Of course it also causes me to think of Slacker. I've been thinking of getting rid of Sirius, and I was thinking maybe a portable Slacker unit could do the same job pretty well. So, I checked eBay, and while reading the description for one I saw this:
Slacker premium radio costs $7.50 per month and allows you to avoid commercials, request specific songs, skip as many songs as you want, and save songs directly to the slacker at the push of a button
What is the nature of the save function? Does it save a file that I can then copy to my computer, burn to CD, etc? Does it save a DRM-protected file that I can access but can't make use of? Does it just mark the song in its database and not let me access it any way other than by using the Slacker?

Are there any slacker hackers who've figured out how to pull songs off the device and un-DRM them?