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With increasing cyber crimes, firewalls have become an important asset for the organizations. Firewalls are security programs for computers that work same as that of physical firewalls protecting them from external harmful hazards.

If an organization is using a network based environment then there are more chances of getting harm then a stand alone computer. As such there is a more strict need for some security measures that will allow only the permitted things to get in and push unwanted stuff outwards. Even if the home computers uses internet surfing then intruders can easily enter the computer files. In order to avoid these, a firewall concept is evolved.

Firewalls work as a barrier to keep damaging forces away. It works just near to the router program scanning out each packet coming to the destination whether it has to forward or not. Usually firewall programs are placed in the separate systems to avoid taking direct request at private network connections. Cisco now offers Cisco Firewall Specialist (http://www.timenetlearning.com/Coursedetail.aspx?id=288) certifications that are desired by several IT professionals.

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