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"Carboot Soul" is an electronic music album produced by George Evelyn aka DJ EASE, a composer and disk jockey from Leeds, United Kingdom. It is his third full-length album, which together with the previously released "Smokers Delight" helped him to earn wider recognition both in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

"Carboot Soul" mixes chillout electronica and acid jazz, and can be stylistically classified as a trip hop, acid jazz, or a downtempo album. Released in 1999, it features old school flavored strings, soulful vocal choruses, and catchy little loops. Though the beats were created using a drum machine, the bass, keyboards, guitar, and vocals were recorded live, so that the recording appears to be more organic. Due to the exquisite selection of samples, the beats sound pleasantly warm, without being too cold or robotic.

The album begins with a symphonic introduction in the "Les Nuits", which skillfully builds up funky grooves and jazzy flavors. Not only does this kind of acoustic introduction represent a new era in Evelyn's style, but it drastically adds to the live sound of the album. The opening track then smoothly transitions to the second masterpiece, titled "Morse". It is an airy composition, filled with soothing melodies and beautiful female vocals.

"Ethnic Majority" can be recognized for its jolly horn section and vocal chants. The drumbeat and bassline form a funky base, which takes the listener on a hypnotic cruise. Despite the fact that "Jorge" is the shortest track on "Carboot Soul", it has one of the most catchy basslines on this record, that forms the central backbone of this dub influenced composition. "Finer" carries a trippy mood and is enriched by soft and faint vocals, backed by a thick and tightly locked groove.

The afro-american influenced "Ease Jimi" features a rhythmic brass section. "Argha Noah", with its atmospheric and slowly rotating sounds, elevates the listener into a state of relaxation and euphoria. "Fire In The Middle" brings back earthlier vibrations, featuring a mild guitar that makes it one of the most beautiful tracks on "Carboot Soul". The soft vocals of "Survival" are supported by an unhurried trip hop groove and a rhythmic keyboard loop. The last track "Capumcap" reevokes the symphonic and heraldic sound of the opening track, reinforcing the musical integrity of the album.

"Carboot Soul" is an album that makes the mind drift. There is a remarkable amount of space in every track, so that its gentle and humble beauty can shine through. This album is a collection of fragile and empowering music, leading the listener into a calm and blissful state which lingers awhile after the sounds fade away.

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